Other Workplace and Housing Issues

The Civil Rights Department only investigates employment, housing and public accommodations discrimination and hate violence pursuant to the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), Unruh Civil Rights Act, Disabled Persons Act, and Ralph Civil Rights Act. The Department has jurisdiction over both private and public entities operating within the State of California, including corporate entities, private sector contracts granted by the State of California, and all State departments and local governments. If you feel you have been or are being discriminated, harassed or; retaliated against based on a “protected class”, please contact us.

Below are links to external resources for other workplace and housing issues that you may find useful.

Communication Center: 800-884-1684 (voice), 800-700-2320 (TTY) or
California's Relay Service at 711 | contact.center@calcivilrights.ca.gov