File a Complaint by Mail

Download a copy of a blank intake form using the table below. Choose the form that matches your type of complaint. Should you have more than one type of complaint, complete an intake form for each type. Fill it out and return to CRD using either email or the post office. Mail to our headquarters address:

  • 651 Bannon Street, Suite 200
    Sacramento, CA 95811
English Intake FormDescription
Right-To-Sue (PDF)Right-To-Sue (employment cases only)
Employment (PDF)Employment discrimination, harassment and/or retaliation
Housing (PDF) Housing discrimination, harassment and/or retaliation
Business Establishment (Unruh) (PDF)Discrimination in services by a business such as a hotel, restaurant or a store
Criminal History in Employment Decisions (PDF)Use of criminal history information in employment decisions
Disabilities (PDF)Discrimination in services or denied access with guide, signal, or service dog
Hate Violence (Ralph) (PDF)Intimidation or act(s) of hate violence
Human Trafficking (PDF)Human trafficking
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Intake Form (PDF)Failure to comply with sexual harassment prevention training and education requirements
State Contractors (PDF)State contract nondiscrimination requirement complaint form
Recipients of State Funding - Individual (PDF)Individual Discrimination by State-operated, funded, or financially-assisted entity
Recipients of State Funding - Agency (PDF)Complaint form for State Agencies - Discrimination by State-funded or financially assisted programs

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