Yvette Salmon, Mediator

After starting my tenure with the California Civil Rights Department (CCRD) in 2001, I have had the pleasure of working in the Enforcement Division and now in the Dispute Resolution Division (DRD). Within the Enforcement Division, my original duties as a Consultant included analyzing Employment Claims, Housing Claims and more. I was selected in 2007 as a founding member of the Enforcement Division’s Housing Mediation Program, covering all in-person mediations located between Bakersfield and San Diego. In 2010, CCRD created the DRD, and I was again chosen as a founding member of the unit to serve as a Mediator. When I’m not resolving claims filed with our ever-growing agency, I love spending time by the beach with my husband and our two rescue puppies.

Communication Center: 800-884-1684 (voice), 800-700-2320 (TTY) or
California's Relay Service at 711 | contact.center@calcivilrights.ca.gov