Dispute Resolution

Mediation Services

Mediation is a confidential process facilitated by a neutral third party to help parties in dispute resolve conflict. CRD provides free, voluntary mediation services for discrimination complaints filed with CRD. CRD voluntary mediation is a cost-effective opportunity for parties who agree to mediate to quickly resolve a CRD complaint on their own terms, before investigation begins.

The Department employs a staff of experienced neutrals, whose exclusive role at the CRD is to mediate complaints. The Department also provides mandatory dispute resolution services for investigated cases the CRD intends to prosecute.

To be eligible for mediation, first a CRD complaint must be filed. (If you have an intake appointment, you must complete your intake interview and CRD must accept your complaint for investigation before it can be referred to mediation.)

For more information or to request to mediate a filed CRD complaint, please contact the Dispute Resolution Division at DRDOnlinerequests@calcivilrights.ca.gov.

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