Rachael Langston, Assistant Chief Counsel for Legislative and Regulatory Affairs

Rachael Langston serves as an Assistant Chief Counsel of the Legislative and Regulatory Unit for the California Civil Rights Department. Prior to her current role, Rachael was a Senior Fair Employment and Housing Counsel for the Unit.

Prior to joining the Civil Rights Department, Rachael worked as a Senior Staff Attorney with Legal Aid at Work (LAAW), where she advocated on behalf of low-wage workers and their families through litigation, policy advocacy, and direct service. Rachael represented clients in both individual and class litigation who had been subjected to discrimination based on their disability, gender, and other protected characteristics, as well as clients who had been denied essential employment rights such as reasonable accommodations or family caregiving leave. She also engaged in policy advocacy on both state and municipal levels, advocating to maintain and enhance the rights of California workers. In addition, Rachael created and presented know-your-rights and other training materials to various agencies and organizations, including the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, National Employment Lawyers Association, California Employment Lawyers Association, cancer support groups, and domestic violence shelters. Rachael obtained her J.D. from the University of California, Berkeley Law School in 2008 and her bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech University.

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