Lily Harvey, Assistant Deputy Director of Outreach and Education

Lily Harvey (she/her) is CRD’s Assistant Deputy Director of Outreach and Education. Ms. Harvey comes to CRD with an extensive background at the intersection of the criminal legal system and various civil systems, including health care and housing. For more than two decades, her work in youth and adult institutions has included policy advocacy, technical assistance, programming, and legal services.

Prior to joining CRD, Ms. Harvey launched the Criminal Legal System Initiative at Homebase, where she led a team focused on disrupting the relationship between houselessness and incarceration. Before that, she represented Californians under sentence of death in post-conviction proceedings with the Habeas Corpus Resource Center. She also worked in prison healthcare reform and education with UCSF Medical School and Centerforce. Ms. Harvey holds a BA in Media Studies from Pitzer College and a JD from UC Berkeley School of Law. She was a William K. Coblentz Civil Rights Fellow and a Rosenthal Scholar, and she currently sits on the Executive Board of the Bay Area Lawyer Chapter of the American Constitution Society.

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