Faces of CRD

Read real-life stories about how CRD is protecting and enforcing the civil rights of all Californians.


Susan Dison

What was your experience that led you to seek out help from CRD?

My landlord would not give me reasonable accommodations for my disability. She said my being sick was not her problem, that this was business and I should just move. She said, if nobody else needed it, I couldn’t get it.

How did that experience affect you?

It made me feel terrible! I was extremely depressed. But I had to continue to be strong and find a way to stop her discriminating/retaliating against me. Then someone in my tenant’s rights group sent the CRD link to me. I’m forever grateful.

What do you want people to take away from your experience?

I want people to know that they can do something about being discriminated against. And not to just sit there and take it. I want people to know that THEY can make a difference to try to STOP discriminating

What do you want people to know about discrimination based on disability?

I want them to know that they have the right to request reasonable accommodations if they need them. I can’t believe so many people don’t know this and so many people including my health care provider, have asked me what’s reasonable accommodation. Denial of reasonable accommodation is discrimination. This makes me so mad.
Discrimination is a horrible feeling! And I’m sure most of us have gone through some form of discrimination in our lives. It can be stopped if we would all just have a voice and NOT be afraid to speak up. Be honest, be sincere when filing a discrimination complaint. Build a case. Document everything. You never know what will be important.

How was your experience with CRD?

My experience with CRD, overall, has been great. The intake workers are very nice. My worker was super nice and always responded back to me quickly. The mediator was very informative and thorough in explaining things. I learned so much! She really went the mile to get the accommodations I needed. I am very happy.

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