Pay Data Reporting - CSV Templates

Private employers with 100 or more payroll employees are required to file a Payroll Employee Report. In addition, due to a new requirement for the 2022 Pay Data filing season (see SB 1162), employers with 100 or more labor contractor employees are required to file a separate Labor Contractor Employee Report. To facilitate both Payroll Employee Pay Data (traditional type) and Labor Contractor Pay Data (new) Reports, CRD has created two distinct Excel Templates for each report type.

FOR REPORTING YEAR 2022 (Reports due May 10, 2023)

For a detailed example and description of the fields and data types in the CSV file refer to Appendix B of the California Pay Data Reporting User Guide.

For a detailed explanation of the filing requirements for both types of Pay Data Reports, please refer to the FAQs for pay data reporting here:

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