Dispute Resolution

Mediation Services

Welcome to the California Civil Rights Dispute Resolution Division.

The Dispute Resolution Division (DRD), within the California Civil Rights Department (CRD), is a key part of California’s efforts to directly address and resolve civil rights disputes. DRD’s role is to provide mediation services in certain circumstances for complaints filed with the CRD.

Each year, DRD resolves hundreds of civil rights complaints by providing mediation with trained mediators who are solely focused on the mediation of complaints within CRD’s jurisdiction. These mediations result in millions of dollars in direct relief to impacted Californians and often include voluntary procedural or practice changes in furtherance of California’s civil rights laws. DRD can accept a pending complaint for mediation at any point, from immediately after a complaint is filed and served through an internal appeal challenging the closure of a complaint.

In addition to mediation services between individual parties, DRD houses the Community Conflict Resolution Unit, which offers mediation services to resolve community conflicts upon request of a state or local public body or of any person directly affected by a civil rights dispute that threatens peaceful relations in a community.

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