CRD Issues Updated FAQs For Pay Data Reporting

January 19, 2023

For Immediate Release

Contact: Renée Rondinone (916) 206-3882

New Resource Provides Guidance to Employers on Changes to Pay Data Reports Due in 2023

Sacramento – The California Civil Rights Department (CRD) announced today the release of new FAQs providing guidance to employers on pay data reports due May 10, 2023. California law requires private employers of 100 or more employees (with at least one employee in California) to report certain pay and other data annually to CRD. By requiring large employers to report pay data annually to CRD, the California Legislature sought to encourage these employers to self-assess pay disparities along gendered, racial, and ethnic lines in their workforces and promote voluntary compliance with equal pay and anti-discrimination laws.

Senate Bill 1162, which became effective on January 1, 2023, made several changes to the pay data reporting requirement. The FAQs are available at and address the following new topics, among others:

  • Deadline change: Pay data reports covering the 2022 Reporting Year are due by Wednesday, May 10, 2023.
  • Labor contractor worker reporting: Reporting employers must file a separate “Labor Contractor Employee Report” that covers workers hired through labor contractors in the prior calendar year.
  • Mean and median rates: Employers must calculate and report the mean and median hourly rate of payroll employees and/or labor contractor employees.
  • Increased penalties for nonfilers: CRD may obtain a monetary penalty against any employer that fails to file a required report, as well as against any labor contractor that fails to supply necessary data to a client employer.

In 2022, CRD published aggregate results from the 2020 Reporting Year with downloadable infographics and data files aggregated at the statewide level, by industry, and by metropolitan area. In 2023, CRD will publish aggregate results from the 2021 Reporting Year. CRD encourages employers to review these results as they assess their own pay data reports and pay practices in light of California’s anti-discrimination and equal pay laws.

Employers with questions not answered by the updated FAQs can email CRD’s support team at


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