Human Trafficking, U/T Visa Certification, Deferred Action/Statement of Interest

This webpage provides information about human trafficking, including information about how to request that CRD investigate a complaint of human trafficking as well as information about relief that may be available to survivors. In addition, this webpage provides information about how to request CRD’s support in requests to the federal government for deferred action and/or visa certification that are available to victims of certain crimes or labor violations and who assist CRD’s enforcement of the law.

T Visas

A T visa is a type of visa allowing certain victims of human trafficking and immediate family members to remain and work temporarily in the United States, typically if they report the crime to law enforcement, and agree to help them in the investigation and/or prosecution of the crime (or crimes) committed against them. It also allows close family members of the victims to come to the United States legally.

To obtain a T Visa, victims must demonstrate to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services their willingness to comply with a reasonable request from a law enforcement agency to cooperate in the investigation or prosecution of a human trafficking case, among other requirements (please see U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Victims of Human trafficking: T Nonimmigrant Status for a fuller explanation). There is an exception to this requirement for those under the age of 18, or those who are unable to cooperate due to trauma. USCIS strongly encourages individuals to submit a declaration from a law enforcement agency, such as CRD, in support of their application.

Either you or your representative must ask that CRD complete a T Visa certification on your behalf.

In order to complete a T Visa certification, CRD must find that you are a victim of human trafficking and that you are in the United States, American Samoa, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, or at a port of entry due to the trafficking. CRD must also find that you have been helpful or are likely to be helpful in its investigation or civil prosecution of the trafficking, or that you are a minor or are unable to cooperate due to trauma.

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